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Management Consulting

Our way of acting in management contemplates the whole organization, in an integrative way, aiming at results.

TechSocial has been operating since 2011 with the objective of providing sustainable solutions, involving new methods, practices and skills that maximize the economic, social and environmental aspects of its customers on solid and permanent bases. We attribute our differential to the multiplicity of skills and experience of our consultants and specialists, customer satisfaction and loyalty, quality and flexibility of the service processes, added to the efficiency of the technological platform that integrates management systems with a virtual learning environment.

Strategic management

• Mapping Stakeholders and Expectations.
• Stakeholder Engagement.
• Scenario Analysis - SWOT.
• Strategic Map, Objectives and Goals.
• Deployment and workflow of Action Plans.

People management and work environment

• Performance management with a focus on competencies.
• Management of the organizational climate.
• Health, safety and well-being management.

Operational and Environmental Management

• Systems for the Management of Building Systems and Resources.
• Systems for the Management of Regulatory Documents,
Tax, Tax, Labor, others.
• Systems for Environmental Management.

ESG – Enviromental, Social and Corporate Governance

• Evaluation of applicable standards. 
• Selection of indicators.
• Model customization for value chains.
• Risk assessment.

Supply Chain Management

• Definition of criteria for Modeling and Management of
Risks and Compliance.
• Definition of Supplier Evaluation and Selection parameters.
Supplier Registration and Homologation Routines.
Monitoring of Demand and Supplier Contracts.
Monitoring of Suppliers and their Third Parties.
 Structuring of Community Development Programs
Supply Chain (own methodologies
or market concepts). 


• Integration of Quality, Health, Safety, Well-Being, Environment for Sustainability indicators.
• Collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative sustainability indicators for reports such as GRI (Global Initiative Report); DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes); Bovespa, ETHOS, and sector reports.

Processes management

Mapping and structuring processes 
Inventory of allocations
Redesign of the organizational structure
Elaboration of procedures and instructions



We add the knowledge and experience of management consulting with the development of technological innovations.


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